Frequently Asked Questions

What is a marketing research survey?

The marketing research survey is used for gathering relevant data about a specific market, market segment or audience and better understand their behaviour, brand perception, buying intention and other marketing attributes.

How do I create a marketing research survey form?

You can start by using our pre-filled free template and adjust it to your needs, with simple drag and drop, branding customization, conditional logic and much more. Then publish the form on your website or share it via email with your respondents, collect the data and transform it into insightful information that will help you make better marketing decisions.

How do I publish a Marketing Research Survey template ?

Publish your marketing research survey to any location you need it: a link that you can send by social media or email, or to your own website. For the full experience, connect your marketing research survey to your website publishing platforms such as Blogger, WordPress or even Facebook, so you can easily publish your research survey to your web presence. And due to a mobile-responsive design, people will be able to submit responses from just about anywhere.

How to collect and manage data?

You’ll be able to take your business to the next level once you gather marketing research survey data. Collect the info in a secure online dashboard or export responses to Excel, CSV or PDF files. For further optimization of your processes, connect your online marketing research survey to other systems that you use, like Google Drive or Salesforce, so your survey results are connected to all of the other information you use for your business.

How to optimize processes?

Create the best possible marketing research survey workflow by getting email and text alerts when new survey responses come in, so you can develop an optimized approach to data collection and analysis. Online surveys let you take action to build your business quickly.

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