Customize template

This ready-made job list form sample can be used for a variety of purposes. If used with probationers, make sure you use repeatable containers or duplicate fields to add as many denied employment opportunities as required for the application to be valid. Everything is easy to do in our form builder with no more than drag & drop moves. Change the form theme if you want. Finally, configure as recipients the organization members that should get the form submissions.

Publish template

If you want to have your job checklist form on a website, you can do it in the form of a popup or a standard embed. There is also the option to send it via emails or share the form on social platforms. Just copy the link generated it the Publish section of our platform, no other efforts needed. Plus, the form is mobile friendly, enabling probationers to complete it fright after each job interview, while their memory is fresh.

Collect & manage data

A secure database confidentially stores every submission to the job list form for each probationer. At any given time you can retrieve these records as well as download them to Excel, CSV, or PDF. Furthermore, you can create charts and graphs to look for trends in interview experiences. And due to our many integration options, you can connect the job list form with other web services, saving you the time of managing the same data in multiple places.

Optimize processes

Create an effective job list document that reduces the risk of error and easily integrates with your workflow. All you need to do is sign up with our form building service – it’s free! Take any template you need into your dashboard and customize it with just a few clicks. Naturally, since the form submissions generate instant alerts in your inbox, your data collection will speed up considerably.

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