Customize template

Whenever you want to create an environmental issues survey, starting from a premade template will save you precious amounts of time. Take this survey sample into your 123FormBuilder account and modify it as you want. For instance, drag and drop more fields to find out more about your respondents’ recycling habits and overall environmental commitment. Feel free to change the survey question format to Likert scales if you prefer. Then pick one of our layout designs or create your own with our many visual editing options. Finally, make sure you set up an autoresponder to show each time you get a submission.

Publish template

It’s really easy to reach out to as many people as you dream with this environmental issues survey. All our sharing methods are based on copy-paste and accessible to every user, tech-savvy or not. After all, there’s a reason we’re called 123! For example, copy the generated snippet to insert your form in a web page’s code. Or send the form URL via email or WhatsApp. Of course, the form posts just as easily on social media platforms. And with a mobile-responsive layout for your survey form, it will adjust to every screen size.

Collect & manage data

Respondents’ opinions about pollution, global warming, and other environmental-related issues will go straight into a secured data table attached to your form. Here you can filter them and create practical reports. Furthermore, make sure you check out our third-party app integrations to have your environmental issues survey do all the work for you. If you prefer to have your survey responses on your desktop, they easily export as Excel, CSV or PDF.

Optimize processes

Raise awareness and draw up constructive statistics at the same time with an environmental issues questionnaire that gathers and stores data with digital precision. Not only will your respondents have a nice survey experience, but each time they send their answers in, you will get a notification in your inbox or on your phone. So why wait? Switch to online surveys to start your own fight against environmental degradation.

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