Performance reviews are terrifying for both managers and employees, but you have to do them, nonetheless. So carry them out in a smart way with our customizable, easy-to-use employee evaluation form that you can integrate with your favorite tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in an employee evaluation form?

The employee evaluation form should contain the following information:
– The employee’s name, their position in the company, department, employee ID
– Reviewer’s name and title
– The skills, knowledge, or experience that is under review
– A rating system and a short description of it
– Comments area, to encourage sharing constructive feedback
– A dedicated field for date and signature

What makes a good employee evaluation review?

An employee evaluation review is a way to provide feedback to the employee about their performance. So the rating should be clear and aligned with the business objective and the employee’s performance goals. An open conversation about the review results can go a long way and help both the employee and the manager improve their efforts and build trust.

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