Customize template

Quickly and easily tailor the form with a drag-and-drop editor. For example, pick your own fonts and colors, then add Likert scales, radio buttons, text fields, and other fields you need. Finally, set up notifications and autoresponders to share your impressions with recruiters and other members of your team.

Publish template

When it’s ready, share the candidate evaluation form anywhere online. For this purpose, you only need to copy and paste into a web page, share the direct link by email, or post it to social media. The responsive layout adjusts automatically to ensure the applicant reviews are easy to fill out on mobile devices.

Collect & manage data

All submissions to the candidate evaluation form live in a secure database hosted by 123FormBuilder. Log in to the convenient dashboard to generate charts and graphs or export to Excel, CSV, and PDF. Take it a step further with app integrations, which send your form data directly to any of a variety of third-party services.

Optimize processes

Compare applicants effectively and conveniently with an online evaluation form. An online form makes it easier to assess all candidates according to a consistent set of criteria, making the overall selection process simpler and more equitable. Furthermore, you can foster transparency by setting up custom notifications. This way, you’ll be sharing each interviewer’s impressions with the rest of the hiring committee. In addition, using 123FormBuilder’s analytics tools, you can instantly calculate scores for each applicant, helping you come to a decision more quickly.

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