Customize template

Take this ready-made employee complaint form example and modify it in any way you need. To specify, upload the company logo, change the form theme and configure multiple recipients to have requests sent to all those in charge. If you need more fields on the form, don’t worry – it’s easy to drag and drop them on your form. The same goes to other form elements – and a lot are available! Indeed, no technical skills are necessary to have your form working in no time.

Publish template

After retouching everything on your employee complaint form, choose from our various sharing options. For example, you have 4 embedding methods to post the form on a web page, such as an internal network. Or copy and paste the form link in an email message. Another thing you can do is post it on a web platform from those provided in our Publish section. Of course, you can make the complaint form available on a tablet in the HR area, as it’s functional on every type of device.

Collect & manage data

Easily store, review and document incoming employee complaints with our friendly tool and secure database. From there the Human Resources team can update, print and export all data entries in various formats: Excel, CSV or PDF. If necessary, sync your form data with third-party solutions due to our large array of integrations.

Optimize processes

Having to file complaints against co-workers is unpleasant enough. Don’t add messy paper forms to the stress of those injured. Besides, with online forms, you can enable anonymous complaints. And what’s more, your HR department will receive real-time notifications in the inbox whenever a team member fills out the employee complaint form. So, start using online forms today!