Customize template

Add dropdowns, file uploads for transcripts, text areas, captcha, and much more. Then set it up to notify multiple individuals on the admissions committee. Finally, give it the flourish of your school logo and colors.

Publish template

Add your college registration form to your institution’s website with a simple copy and paste. After clicking Publish on your registration form, your posting choices include embedding into a web page or creating a popup lightbox. In addition, you can instantly send a form link by email or post to social media sites. No matter where you share, the responsive design will impress on any device, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Collect & manage data

As applications to your college registration form arrive, they are sent to a secure database you can access and manage anytime. You may export copies of enrollment forms to PDF or create Excel or CSV files of the data for use in other programs. If desired, visualize student demographics and other data via charts and graphs. Finally, set up integrations with other cloud services such as Dropbox, SmartSheet, Evernote, and Mailchimp.

Optimize processes

Whether your institution uses rolling admissions or only accepts college registration form submissions at certain times of the year, digitizing your operations can help you handle the pace of requests with grace. You’ll be able to organize applicants and import them into your system with minimal effort on your part. Furthermore, custom notifications and autoresponders keep admissions staff and applicants informed, reducing the number of status inquiries by phone and email.

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