How Does Our College Application From Template Work?

123FormBuilder’s college application form helps collect applications online and stores them in a dedicated repository where you have full access once you duplicate it in your 123FormBuilder account.

New students may use this application template to enter contact details and other relevant information your college requires for admission. Once they submit their application, you will receive an email that contains their input. You can also add a file upload field to the form using 123FormBuilder to collect documents like diplomas and letters of recommendation.

How Needs a College Application Form?

Colleges need application forms to simplify enrollment and help admissions officers identify eligible students. If you’re looking for a way to securely collect applications and make informed decisions about your candidates during school admissions, 123FormBuilder is here to aid you.

Creating a Secure College Application Form with 123FormBuilder

Customize your college application template

There’s no easier way to create an application form. Use this ready-to-go template and modify it in any way you want to match your educational institution’s needs. Drag and drop additional fields to require more information, if needed. Add the college logo, configure autoresponders, write instructions, and establish multiple email recipients without calling a software developer.

You can extend the form template with additional questions and collect personal details from applicants like gender identity, sexual orientation, extracurricular activities, and preferred classes or scholarship needs.

Publish your college application form template

Share your college application form anywhere online with a simple copy-paste. Publish your form on your site, your social media page, or share the direct form link via email if you want to.

No need to worry about customizing the college application for mobile devices. It’s already taken care of by 123FormBuilder the moment you create your form. All forms are mobile-responsive and ready to be filled by future students.

Collect & manage data

123FormBuilder is an intuitive form builder that helps gather and manage data in a safe and easy manner. Our forms are packed with secured databases that allow data exports in various formats. You can even sync your data collection with various third-party systems thanks to our multiple integrations.

Streamline student application processes

Manual data entry is a thing of the past. Our digitized forms save students or legal guardians a lot of time and offer advanced form options and integrations, data security protection, and stellar customer support. Optimize your college application process starting now!

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

123FormBuilder includes several native apps and over 4,000 connections on Zapier that allow admissions officers to collect college applications through forms and send them to other platforms or systems that the college uses. And it’s all done automatically from the moment the applicants submit the form.

College Application Forms – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 10 parts of a college application?

All colleges have their academic standards, but most of them follow the same procedures when enrolling students. The procedures are divided into 8 parts:

  • The college application form that you can create with 123FormBuilder online
  • Essay
  • Transcript
  • School profile
  • Recommendation forms that you can create and configure with 123FormBuilder
  • List of activities that you can ask in the application form
  • Fee or fee waiver form that you can create with 123FormBuilder
  • Optional sample of creative work

How to create an online college application form?

To create an online college application form, you can either use 123FormBuilder’s template and configure it as you please in the form builder or create it from scratch using our drag-and-drop features. Try 123FormBuilder for free. See our available plans!

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