Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appointment request form?

An appointment request form is a form you can use to collect appointments for your service-based business.

How to create an appointment request form?

The simplest way to create an appointment request form is by grabbing this appointment request form template, customizing it for your specific needs, and then publishing it on your site

How do I customize an appointment request form template?

Looking for a better way to schedule client visits? Try this appointment request form template. It’s free and can be modified to suit your needs, no coding required. Use radio buttons, pre-formatted dates and times, validated contact info and much more. Even the design can be adjusted to your liking! Finally, configure the notifications to alert your team and send a confirmation message to the client.

How do I publish an appointment request form template ?

To start scheduling via the appointment request form, simply add it to your website. Select between an in-page embed or a lightbox, then copy and paste. Alternatively, you can share the form’s dedicated link via email or social media. No matter which way you publish, your clients will appreciate easy, convenient scheduling thanks to a mobile responsive form layout that works seamlessly on smartphones.

How to collect and manage data?

In addition to email/SMS alerts, all submissions to your appointment request form are organized in a secure database. That way you can work on them all in one place or export them to Excel, CSV or PDF. For even greater time savings, set up an integration with one or more business apps, such as Dropbox, Salesforce or Constant Contact.

How to optimize processes?

An online appointment request form can make scheduling both easier and more precise for both you and your clients. Just let the requests come in by email, check your schedule, and reply at your earliest convenience. With all the information neatly formatted, you’ll reduce the time and potential errors involved in taking down details over the phone. What’s more, both you and the client will automatically receive a written record of the appointment details.

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