3 Reasons To Use Forms In Church Management


by 123FormBuilder

Modern days and technology came with both new responsibilities and new solutions to approach daily tasks and challenges. Traditional jobs now have a new approach and stakeholders set higher expectations. Thus managing a church is not only about providing good and inspiring sermons during Sunday services. Churches are now communities where people should develop a sense of belonging.

These communities are even harder to handle, consequently, church leaders need proper organization and tools to address them with ease. Communication was and will remain the strongest pillar in a community’s foundation, although the means of interaction between members change from time to time. And through online forms for churches you can streamline this exchange of information and facilitate interactivity between the members of your ministry.

So here are a few managerial issues you could address through forms.

Better organize your events

To engage your community and keep parishioners close to your church you have to offer them a place to get involved. Hence, for sure events of all kinds are held within your church community. From small study groups, to sports tournaments, vocational camps or large conferences, all the events are meant to bond the relationship with your church. Using an online event registration form will help you do just that and keep things organized. You will have an automatic database with attendees which can be exported and used as a handy guest list or import it in your CRM to further communicate with participants. You can limit the number of submissions to the number of available seats, use a multilingual form if applicable or gather attendance fees with one of our available gateways.

church event registration

Gather donations online with ease

The power of the online medium has never been more stronger. Having a good online donation request form can boost your fundraising efforts and allow you expand your reach. Your offline community could also benefit from your online efforts. So beside easy donation collection on form you can take things to another level and keep your donors close. You can merge your efforts and use the donation form to populate new lists into your emailing system. Depending on the level of implication into marketing strategies you could develop new tactics of maximizing the potential of the new leads you gain.

Learn what your community thinks

Another way to keep your people close is to give them what they need. So the easiest way to find out what that is through a survey. You could oversee their spiritual growth and overcome some of their issues by anticipating their needs. For example if through an online survey you find out that they don’t come together as a group, you could organize a fun get together like a volleyball tournament or other outdoor activities to strengthen their team spirit.

If you want to simply get their opinion over a new initiative or help you with decision making in a particular matter, you could cast a voting poll. It’s a democratic way in which your community could participate to the well-being and development of their church.

Forms are versatile and could fit more that one need in the management of a church community. So try to adapt them and use forms and surveys to ease the communication process and better organize your time and resources.

Let us know in the comment section below how would you think that a church leader could benefit from the use of forms.

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