White Label Form Builder

We have everything you need to help you provide your own web form
building service to your customers while maintaining brand identity.

White Label / Private Label Form Builder
Your Own White Label Form Builder Solution
Completely rebrand 123FormBuilder, make it your own and resell it to your clients. With our white label solution for agencies, developers and creative professionals, you can have our online form building technology with your branding and on your domains. Now anyone can offer web form building services to your clients without investing in the technology required and without any coding skills. Our white label form builder solution includes:

✔ a branded login portal for your users
✔ your custom domain name
✔ your company logo on every page inside/outside the platform
Fully Brandable White Label Form Builder Platform

Complete White Labeling

Our white label web form builder solution enables partners to offer their clients a web form building platform that's branded 100% as their own. Everything can be customized from the platform's frontend and user interface, right down to the system-generated email notifications and domain name.

Domain name - Use domain aliasing and your form link will contain your own domain name and no reference to 123FormBuilder.
Frontend & backend branding - Customize the look of the frontend console by adding your own logo and branding the color scheme. Custom style and functionality can be implemented using custom CSS stylesheets and Javascript code.
Notifications sender name - Personalize the sender name in the notification emails.

Flexible User Management

Retain complete control over your account. Create account subusers and share web forms or groups of forms with them. You can also provide different levels of access to your clients.

Subuser permissions - You can allow your clients or employees to access, edit and manage forms themselves by assigning different levels of permissions separately for each account section.
Default theme - Choose to enable a default theme for the web forms created by your subusers.
Subuser generated reports - Subusers can create real-time reports with graphs, charts and custom key metrics.
Show/hide tabs - Limit user access by showing ad hiding meny tabs.
Search/sort - Each subuser benefits of extended navigation and sorting options as the main admin.
White Label Role Management
Tailored White Label Form Building Solutions
Tailored Solutions

We offer tailored white label form building solutions that suit your unique business needs. For example, Design Agencies might want to allow end-users to edit forms, whereas CRM's might focus on integrating forms into their system.

To find out more about your unique needs and objectives and to offer you the appropriate white label form building solution we can easily setup a web meeting. Just complete the custom plan survey and we will contact you within two business days.

You can also check our white label documentation to find out more about our white label solution.