Spice Up Your Tumblr with Custom Forms for Leads, Surveys, Payments, and More

Create a form

How to publish a form on Tumblr

First, get your form code from 123FormBuilder:

  • Log in to your 123FormBuilder account
  • Go to the Publish section of the form you want to put on Tumblr
  • Select Embed and then the option: HTML link – text (Webpage) or HTML link – image (Webpage)
    • Customize the text or paste the link for your image
    • Copy the resulting code
    • Paste it in your Tumblr post following the instructions below
Tumblr web form embed code from 123FormBuilder

Then, publish your form on Tumblr as text:

  • Log into your Tumblr account, click on Make a post and choose text or link
    • Text
      • Set the Editor to HTML
      • Paste the text link code from above into your Tumblr post
      • If you want to open form in a new tab, add target=“_blank” after the form URL in the code
    • Link
      • Paste the form link copied from the Publish section – Form Link of your form
      • That’s it! Unless you want to enter a summary, which is easy to do.

Or, to publish as an image:

  • In your Tumblr account, click Make a post and choose from there:
    • Text
      • Set the Editor to HTML
      • Paste the code copied from 123FormBuilder above
      • If you want your form to open in a new tab, just add target=”_blank” after the form URL in the pasted code

About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder (former 123ContactForm) is an intuitive form building platform that helps users create efficient workflows, collect data and achieve success. 123FormBuilder exists to empower customers to collect, manage and communicate their data and is all about creating efficiency, enabling growth and achieving results by being customer-centric, adaptable, and fun.

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