Peter Rudd Testimonial

“I love the look and feel of 123 forms. With our old document signing tool, making the forms look good was more difficult, but with 123FormBuilder, it is easy to build nice-looking forms.

Peter Rudd
CRM Admin, European PGA Tour


Elite golf tours to manage

Favorite Feature

Seamless Salesforce


Elite golf tours to manage

Favorite Feature

Seamless Salesforce

The folks at the European Tour run three elite golf tours, staging tournaments all over the world. Yes, that means they work with the elite golf players that make up their membership, not to mention some of the world’s most famous and beautiful golf courses are part of their day-to-day work. Back in the day, organizing sports events on this level meant sending paper invitations and annual membership forms to all the players and their agents all over the world. 

Times have changed and the European Tour are now moving to become a fully paperless environment, both in the office and at tournaments. To achieve this, one of the steps they took was making the switch to 123FormBuilder. Why? Well it’s a solution that meets all their needs, from the option to sign documents embedded right into their forms to the full integration with Salesforce. 

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As Peter Rudd, CRM Manager at the European Tour puts it, this was a choice that really worked out for them: 

“I am genuinely impressed with all the things I’ve done with 123. I do really like the product”.  

  • Peter Rudd, European Tour – 

Why did we make such a great impression? 

Salesforce Integration for Seamless Data Collection and Management

With Salesforce being one of the main ways the European Tour decided to move forward into digital data collection, it made a lot of sense for them to choose a form builder that is fully integrated with Salesforce. 

This integration allows the European Tour to seamlessly connect the information they collect in their forms with their database and ensure events run smoothly. In the process, they are eliminating not only the paper trail, but also potential human errors and time-consuming manual data management. 

“I really like the dynamic aspect of these forms. We can set them up so that when a user clicks a radio button, a new section of the form opens up for them to see.”

Easy to Make Dynamic Forms for a Flawless Experience 

The wide range of easy-to-use conditional logic rules and design options are two other factors that have made Peter and his colleagues genuinely happy about their choice to work with 123FormBuilder. Not only is it effortless for them to customize their forms and make them look great, but the functionality of conditional logic rules helps them create a flawless experience for their members, employees, and other users.

Stellar Customer Support for a Smooth Collaboration

There’s only one thing we love more than bragging about how amazing our Customer Care team is, and that’s when our customers do it for us: 

“The support people that I’ve dealt with are really just first class. They are excellent.

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123FormBuilder does everything we need and more. It is a flexible system that is perfect for a company like ours.

David Alpert President Continuum Marketing

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123FormBuilder was very helpful, the support team outlined our options and always made sure we have what we need. Everything worked perfectly!

Kath Courts Communications, The ButterFly Foundation

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Reliability is essential in what I do – and you can’t put a price on that. 123 Forms are priceless!

Karin Graddy CEO, Graddy Solutions

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