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We needed more fields than a typical form, so we like that we can have a lot of fields for them to fill out.

Allison Yacht
Founder @ BraveHoods


hoodies given away

Favorite Feature

Form personalization


hoodies given away

Favorite Feature

Form personalization

BraveHoods is a non-profit organisation that works closely with hospitals, cancer treatment facilities, international charitable organizations and schools to help children going through cancer treatment. Founded in 2013, Allison Yacht wanted to provide comfort to these kids by giving them a way of overcoming the discomfort of hair loss from cancer treatment through the use of hoodies. 

They operate on the buy-one-give-one model. For each piece of clothing sold, BraveHoods donates a comfortable and stylish hoodie with empowering messages aiming to constantly remind the kids and everyone around them to live with hope and optimism. So far, they have given away thousands of BraveHoods hoodies.

BraveHoods’ Form Needs

Being busy with helping their child undergo cancer treatments is no easy task, and it creates a whole lot of mental and physical strain. This means that parents should not have to deal with a complicated way of ordering, so keeping things simple while still being effective was the way to go. 

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To order a hoodie, customers fill in their basic contact information and some hard-to-talk about details about their kids. 

“We ask for their basic contact information, but also date their child was diagnosed, what kind of cancer, age of child, if there are other children in the house, we give hoodies to siblings too because sometimes they feel left out, and we know that families need to be a team.” 

Besides user-friendly forms, BraveHoods need an easy-to-use platform that does not require a lot of manpower to manage. BraveHoods has only a handful of people managing the whole operation, and most of the team is made up of volunteers specialized in different areas.

The 123 Solution

BraveHoods’ first experiments with order form providers were quickly let down due to the low amount of fields and personalization that could be used. After reading some reviews, they decided to give 123FormBuilder a try. 

With 123FormBuilder, BraveHoods was able to fully customize the order form they wished to provide to the families. This was especially useful for creating user-friendly forms that both were complex in collecting all the information required, but it was easy to fill out. 

“When a mom is coming to our site to order a shirt for their kiddo, it needs to be fast and easy. Moms of kids with cancer have a lot on their mind, so we want them to find our process simple. The previous forms didn’t allow this much customization.”

Also, anyone in the team could check the responses and add modifications if they wanted. 123  forms are easy to create and manage, you don’t need any coding skills – just a keyboard, a mouse, and an idea.

For Allison, the benefits are simple: 

“We have email notifications set up so when someone emails, I get it right away. I can email them back and let them know we have received their request and ask any questions that I might have.” 

BraveHoods have greatly simplified their order flow thanks to 123FormBuilder. Parents and caregivers don’t have to struggle in order to provide their information, and can easily order their favorite hoodies for their kids. 

For non-profit organizations big or small, the ultimate aim is to raise awareness for your cause, get more members involved and help your community. The burden of daily routine tasks makes it easy to get carried away and lose sight of the real goals of your organization. That’s why it’s important to improve and optimize workflows as much as you can.

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123FormBuilder does everything we need and more. It is a flexible system that is perfect for a company like ours.

David Alpert President Continuum Marketing

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123FormBuilder was very helpful, the support team outlined our options and always made sure we have what we need. Everything worked perfectly!

Kath Courts Communications, The ButterFly Foundation

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Reliability is essential in what I do – and you can’t put a price on that. 123 Forms are priceless!

Karin Graddy CEO, Graddy Solutions

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