According to legal regulations, when the patient is a minor child, it is necessary for the legal guardian to authorize another adult to provide medical treatment to the child. Our child medical consent form template allows parents or other legal guardians to list emergency contacts and authorize treatment in case of an emergency.

Child medical consent is mandatory in most states and countries whenever medical personnel who is not the minor child’s guardian has to provide medical care and make medical decisions that affect the child’s health and wellbeing. Authorization is mandatory not just for medical staff but for attorneys, notary public, or any other third person that needs to disclose a child’s complete health information with the caregiver’s approval.

Times when a medical consent form for a minor child is required:

  • The healthcare provider needs to access the child’s medical history which includes past treatments, allergies, and health conditions
  • The insurance company has to review the child’s insurance information
  • The child requires surgery
  • The child needs medications
  • The caregiver has to sign up the minor for a new family doctor
  • The minor patient has to receive medical treatments in another city
  • A hired attorney has to provide legal advice concerning the child’s medical condition after a medical malpractice
  • The notary public has to authorize a minor’s medical document with the parent or legal guardian present

A child’s medical consent document should include personal details about the child’s parent or legal guardian, the child, the permission in writing, signatures, and a witness. But, to sum it up in detail, the medical consent document should have the following:

  • Clear written consent statement
  • Legal guardian’s name
  • Legal guardian’s physical address
  • Legal guardian’s phone number
  • Legal guardian’s email address
  • Legal guardian’s signature
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s physician’s name
  • Child’s age
  • Child’s birth information
  • Child’s medical record
  • The name of the witness
  • The signature of the witness
  • The date the consent is signed
  • The start date and the end date of the medical consent

Gathering medical consent for children online requires additional items:

  • A secure form, given that it includes the minor’s medical & personal information
  • End-to-end HIPAA compliance for your form (if mandatory)
  • A mobile-responsive online form
  • Easy-to-fill-in form fields
  • Electronic signatures
  • Data validation to reduce data capturing errors

Customize Your Medical Consent Template

Consent forms for children for medical purposes vary under different circumstances, which is why it’s essential to use customizable templates that you can find and edit on 123FormBuilder. Our form builder allows you to build the consent forms you need and easily share them with the legal guardians, parents, or grandparents of minors.

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Child Consent Form – Frequently Asked Questions

Informed consent is a principle in healthcare and is governed by the law that a patient should receive sufficient information before undergoing medical treatment. Since minors do not have the legal right to consent to their own treatment, their legal guardians have to do it for them.

You can easily create a medical consent form for a child using our drag-and-drop form builder. Start with our template and select the fields you want to keep and what new fields you want to add to the form using drag and drop. On 123FormBuilder, you can opt between different design themes and split your form into multiple pages if needed. Learn more about how to create an online form using 123FormBuilder.

Yes, in most cases, you should look for a licensed attorney, notary public, or law firm that specializes in notarizing medical consent forms for minors. Does that mean you cannot use an online medical consent form? Not at all, but you’ll need to speak with an expert on how you can make the form legally binding. On 123FormBuilder, you can print the collected consent and take the document to a notary to sign it in person together with a witness and the child’s guardian.

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