Frequently Asked Questions

How to customize the template?

Begin by accessing the Application Literacy Poll template through our form builder. Once you have opened the template, use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to add, remove, or modify questions according to your poll. You can personalize the design by choosing different themes, colors, and fonts to align with your branding. Additionally, consider incorporating your organization’s logo for a professional touch. Ensure to review the template thoroughly to ensure it captures all the necessary information by going tot the Preview section.

How to publish the template?

After customizing the template to your satisfaction, publishing it for data collection is seamless. Within our form builder platform, navigate to the publishing options where you can generate an incorporable form link. This link can then be shared via email, social media, or embedded on your organization’s website for easy access by respondents. Make sure to set the appropriate permissions to ensure secure online data collection. You may also choose to enable notifications to receive real-time updates as respondents submit their responses.

How can I collect & manage data?

123FormBuilder simplifies collecting and managing data from the Application Literacy Poll. As respondents submit their responses, the data is automatically aggregated and stored securely in the platform’s database. Utilize built-in tools to analyze the data, such as generating charts, graphs, or reports, to gain insights into application literacy trends. Additionally, consider integrating the form with other apps or software your organization uses, such as CRM systems or data analysis tools, to streamline data management processes and facilitate cross-functional collaboration.

How can I optimize processes?

Consider implementing several strategies to optimize processes related to the Application Literacy Poll. Firstly, automate repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails to respondents or exporting data to external systems using workflow automation tools available within our form builder platform. Secondly, regularly review the collected data to identify areas for improvement and inform decision-making processes. Thirdly, leverage the flexibility of the template to conduct periodic assessments and track progress over time. By following these steps, you can enhance your application literacy assessment efforts’ efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness.

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