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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a training evaluation form?

A training evaluation form helps you obtain feedback from those who participated in your training, workshop, or course. Also, it contains a set of questions your participants answer, which you can use to improve your teaching and supporting materials.

How can I create a training evaluation form?

Import our training evaluation form template in our form builder and customize it as you desire. Don’t have a 123FormBuilder account? No worries, you can create one for free. Once done, you can start editing the template as you see fit. You can update the questions, provide more fields, customize email notifications, and integrate your form data with other apps. Learn more about our features here.

How can I share this form with my trainees?

Setting up your training evaluation form is a piece of cake, but releasing it out there is even easier. Embed the form on your website or social media. Send the form link to responders or co-workers via email. All our form templates are mobile-friendly, so your trainees can fill them anytime, anywhere.

How can I use the data?

Conducting effective training evaluation surveys is key to rejuvenating trainees’ motivation. We ensure that collecting and analyzing feedback is just a few clicks away. Also, real-time reports will be routed your way, helping you get a clear overview of how your presentation piqued the interest of the attendees. Let them know you’ve received and will consider their opinions with easy to custom autoresponders. Then, download information from the database that comes with this training evaluation form and more.

How can I write effective training evaluation questions?

Use as many closed-ended questions as possible that will help you draw objective conclusions of your training in statistical graphs like pie charts. Then, use our form builder to add checkboxes and radio buttons for this type of questions that your trainees may use on the form.

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