Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ask students for feedback?

Create a survey or questionnaire that asks students to respond in their own words. Explain them why their feedback is needed and that the goal is to improve the class for all students.

What is a feedback form template?

There is no easier and more effective way to gather targeted feedback from any customer or audience than using a well-made feedback form. It refers to a document that people can fill out to state their concerns, comments, opinions, and observations about an event, project, or any business.

Customize template

Adapt this course feedback form example in any way you want to collect student opinions about instructors and class content. Remove or add fields with our drag and drop form builder, move them around for a better-looking form, use more Likert scale questions and configure multiple email recipients if you need to share responses with other people in your educational institution.

Publish template

After adjusting everything to suit your needs, share your student assessment form online with just a few clicks. Publish it on the university’s website, send the form link to an email list or share it on social media pages or groups to make it easy for learners to find. They can use any device to submit their course feedback, all our forms are mobile-friendly.

Collect & manage data

Managing data gathered through this student feedback form requires no technical skills either. All the information is securely stored in the form’s database. Download it from our platform as Excel, CSV or PDF. Moreover, we offer easy access to a large variety of apps to integrate your form data with.

Optimize processes

Focus on improving your learning methods and teacher skills without getting lost in the paper hassle. Online forms will greatly improve your feedback collection process. Save learners a lot of time by enabling instant email or SMS alerts each time someone will complete this student feedback form.

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