Customize template

Your college or university can adapt this sample institution verification form to request confirmation that the amount of financial aid matches the student’s actual resources. Thanks to its easy drag-and-drop editor, anyone can modify the content of this form regardless of technical ability. Despite the simplicity, many advanced functions are available, including radio buttons, captcha, and file uploads. Moreover, a host of notification options are available, including autoresponders which provide the student with proof of having completed the form.

Publish template

Distributing this institution verification form online is simple and powerful. Just copy and paste to add it to a web page or transmit by email. The mobile responsive form design adjusts to large and small displays, so students can easily fill out the form on a tablet or smartphone. After all, we don’t need to add difficulty to the already joyless task of financial verification.

Collect & manage data

Each submission to the institution verification goes to a secure database. Just visit your 123FormBuilder dashboard to create graphical analyses or export it to Excel, CSV and PDF. Seamless app integrations let your form send data to tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You also have the option to allow other users (e.g. financial aid officers) to view the database of form submissions.

Optimize processes

Most of the work of university admissions and financial concentrates itself during one or two frenetic periods of the academic year. By converting your institution verification form to an online format, you can help preserve your team’s sanity during chaotic periods. The switch away from paper eliminates needless data entry, which in turn may cut down on costly errors. Configure real-time submission alerts for your whole team, then sit back and watch the communication and paperwork logjam disappear.

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