Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a grant application form?

You can start by using the 123FormBuilder grand application free form template and adjust it by adding all sections for information you consider relevant in making the decision of offering grants to applicants. Even if this type of form is usually long, try to keep it as concise as possible and employ best practices.

What is a grant application form?

A grant application form is used by those organisations in need of grants when they are applying for receiving these grants from a foundation or from a government institution.

Customize template

Simplify the grant review process with this free grant application form template. Adapt it according to the specifics of your foundation with a simple drag-and-drop editor. What’s more, no coding required! For example, you can personalize the theme, configure multiple recipients, and much more.

Publish template

]It’s easy to publish your grant application for nonprofit and have organizations send proposals electronically. In other words, copy and paste it to your website, email a link, post to social media. Furthermore, the responsive design plays gracefully on just about any kind of device.

Collect & manage data

Of course, information sent through the form is both transmitted and stored with encryption. For this reason, you can enjoy peace of mind even if you process proprietary information, such as a discovery grant application form. Also, the database can also be exported at any time to Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Optimize processes

Broaden your philanthropic horizons with online forms! So, create an apprenticeship grant application form, for example, and expand your pool of candidates to include talented students far and wide. Besides, you will receive real-time notifications each time someone fills in the form.

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