Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee referral form?

HR professionals use an employee referral form to gather referrals for certain job posts within the company.

What should a referral form include?

It usually covers information about the employees, the referral’s details, the position they’re being recommended for, their contact information, and CV or portfolio.

Customize template

Employees are typically the best source of new hires. Make it as easy for your team to refer stellar candidates for open positions with our employee referral form template. To this end, start out with the basics, like employee and candidate information and the relevant job position. Then add any extra details your company needs to collect. Without writing code, it’s easy to request all kinds of info, from basic text entry to rating systems and file uploads. And to make your form look great, choose from pre-designed themes or add your own CSS.

Publish template

Accelerate the hiring process by publishing a mobile-responsive employee referral form that your employees will use. Create a secure link that you can send to employees by email or social media. Alternatively, embed the form to your website with a simple copy-paste. Even better, connect your form to another platform, like Facebook, WordPress, or Blogger, to simplify the publishing process and generate more referrals.

Collect & manage data

All of your employee referrals are stored in a secure online database for review. Access referral data from a dashboard with visual reporting capabilities or export referrals to CSV, PDF, or Excel files. To optimize your referral program, you can connect the form to other systems you use, such as Google Drive and 30 other web applications, for more effective review and follow-up.

Optimize processes

Taking employee referrals digital will help you hire the best talent. Find out right away when new referrals come in with email or text alerts, so you never miss out on qualified candidates. With an all-digital employee referral process, referrals will never slip through the cracks and you’ll build the team you need to succeed.

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