Frequently Asked Questions

What is a leave request form for employees?

A leave request form is a formal document that companies can use to collect information about their employees’ leaves (for internal purposes and legislative reporting purposes).

How do I create an employee leave request form?

The easiest way to create a leave request form is by grabbing our template on this page, customizing it to your needs, and then sharing it with your employees.

Customize template

Let your employees request leave easily with an employee leave request form template. Start with standard data such as employee info and dates requested, and customize with the department, the reason for leave, and more according to your business needs. Starting with an employee leave request form template will help you streamline operations at your organization. Choose from pre-designed form templates or use your own custom CSS for form look and feel.

Publish template

Publish your employee leave request form to your internal network so employees can find it easily. Alternatively, send a link to your team by email or social media. Mobile-friendly leave request forms are easy to fill out on any device, so your employees can request leave at their convenience.

Collect & manage data

Collect employee leave requests in a secure online dashboard or export them to CSV, PDF or Excel files. Or, connect with the other applications you use to run your organization – check our multiple integrations -, so you can synchronize leave requests with other employee info.

Optimize processes

Optimize your employee leave request workflow with instant alerts by email or SMS when new leave requests come in. In this way, the appropriate manager can quickly approve or deny them. This will streamline your employee leave requests and make it easy for employees to take appropriate leave

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