Frequently Asked Questions

How do you survey employees for benefits?

An employee benefits survey template can come in handy when you plan to collect your employees’ feedback on your current benefits package. A survey can be quite comprehensive and give your staff the time and comfort they need to answer your questions honestly and thoroughly.

What questions should I ask in a benefits survey?

It really depends on what you want to find out. But as a general rule, ask your employees about their attitude towards their current benefits package, the most important benefit to them, what else they find valuable and not yet provided, and the frequency with which they use certain benefits. Insert both open and closed questions to have a balanced approach to your survey results.

Customize template

Is it time to take stock of worker satisfaction? Start with this employee benefits survey template. This prototype is made for you to customize as you require. For example, you can make it completely anonymous or offer the option to leave the employee’s name for follow-up. All kinds of data types are at your fingertips, including Likert scales, text areas, and checkboxes. Finally, change the form design to make it more attractive.

Publish template

Once you have prepared your employee benefits survey, you can have it up and running in moments. One option is to copy and paste it to a page on your office intranet site or another website. You can also circulate and email with the direct link or post to a closed group on Facebook. No matter how you use it, our employee benefits survey is mobile-compatible on all screen resolutions.

Collect & manage data

Rest assured that the confidential feedback sent via this employee benefits survey is transmitted securely to an encrypted database. You can review the results from your dashboard as well as export them to Excel, CSV and PDF. In particular, you’ll want to take advantage of 123FormBuilder’s built-in analytics to create graphs or charts of the results. You may also want to set up app integrations, which funnel the data directly into cloud services.

Optimize processes

If you’ve been conducting your periodic employee benefits survey via paper or Word document, it’s time to streamline your process! By going paperless, it’s easy to share the survey instantly, where it can be completed on the go. You’ll immediately see how many colleagues have already filled it out, then you can email a reminder as necessary. Best of all, you’ll never have to compile the results by hand; you can use 123FormBuilder’s analytics or the application of your choice!

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