Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell books online?

You can either use a shopping cart on your website or an online order form that is easier to use on several platforms at once. At 123FormBuilder, you can easily create such a form without needing coding skills. That’s why we’ve created this book order form template, to make it easier for you to increase your sales.

How can I create a book order form?

Import our book order form template in your 123FormBuilder account and customize it with our visual form editor. Don’t have an account? No worries, you can create one for free. Learn more about our online order forms and how they can help your business. 123 forms blend seamlessly with any visual identity due to our many styling options. Plus, you can duplicate the provided fields if needed or employ conditional logic. For receiving payments, choose from our multiple payment gateways. Finally, keep your readers in the loop by enabling email alerts so that they are notified of every step of the ordering and delivering process.

What can I include in this book order form?

Any type of information you need from your customers such as contact details and shipping information, as well as photo covers of the books you are selling. You can also integrate your book order form with several tools that 123FormBuilder is integrated with, as well as payment providers, to receive payments after each order is complete.

How can I publish my book order form?

As soon as you are satisfied with the content and look of your book order form, you can publish it on your online bookstore. Only a copy-paste is necessary to embed the form in the web page’s code. Alternatively, the order form works well when sent by email or posted on social media platforms. Furthermore, the mobile-friendly design will allow book aficionados to place their orders even on the go.

Can I keep track of the books that were ordered?

Yes! Equipped with security features, your book order form will store user information in a dedicated database that you can also download on your device. Furthermore, generating sales reports and integrating with many other web apps are also convenient attributes. All are included on 123FormBuilder – give it a try today!

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