Customize template

An airline passenger satisfaction survey is the key for improving your services and encouraging travelers to pick your airline over the competition. Find out how well you are doing by asking all the right questions. And if you don’t know where to start from, we’re here to help with a ready-made template that has it all. Add more fields with simple drag & drop, upload your logo and choose a nice-looking theme. Then configure automatic responses to give respondents reassurance their feedback was received.

Publish template

Once your airline passenger satisfaction survey is ready, share it with the world with a simple copy and paste. That’s all it takes to embed your customer satisfaction survey on your website and also to post the form link on a social media page. Of course, our airline passenger satisfaction survey fits perfectly on any device. So customers can submit their responses right after their flight from their smartphones or tablets.

Collect & manage data

Our form building platform is here to help you not only get started with a ready-made template but also to create reports that will land you the best insights what areas need improvement within your airline business. Naturally, data records reside in a completely secure database you can access from your 123FormBuilder account. Also, you can export your survey responses in multiple formats and integrate with multiple third-party applications.

Optimize processes

Deliver excellent services and get picked over the competition in an industry that highly relies on customer feedback. This airline passenger satisfaction survey example brings you the right format to get to know your customers better. Simplify the road to progress with online forms and a software tool that even notifies you in real-time whenever new customer feedback flies in.

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