Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360-degree feedback review?

360-degree feedback is an employee performance review method that involves the employee’s self-evaluation and feedback from subordinates, colleagues, and the supervisor. It’s popular among companies that focus on developing employee skills and behaviors.

What is the purpose of a 360-degree feedback review?

The purpose of a 360-degree review is to help team members understand their individual strengths and weaknesses from the variety of reviews they receive from the entire team. These reviews help draw conclusions of the employee’s performance and contribute to the employee’s professional development 

What does a 360-degree feedback review include?

The 360-degree feedback form consists of a set of questions focused on the employee’s overall behavior, skill sets, and achievements. The 360-degree feedback questions have to be specific to the organization for effectiveness. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of feedback questions that you could include in your 360-degree feedback form.

How can 360-degree feedback improve employee performance?

Although it’s a popular employee review method, the 360-degree feedback survey has its cons. Inexperienced raters are usually the ones giving feedback, and you’ll need a large degree of data to analyze the results. But there are also benefits such as uncovering career development areas and strengthening teamwork.

How can I edit this 360-Degree Feedback Form template?

You’ll need a 123FormBuilder account. Next, import this form template in our form editor and adjust it as you see fit without needing technical skills. Feel free to edit the feedback questions, configure email recipients, generate reports, and connect your 360-degree data to other tools.

How can I share this 360-degree feedback form?

You can share your 360-degree feedback form on any online platform, even email. Just go to the Publish/Share section of the form, in your 123FormBuilder account, and select the publishing option that suits you best. And it doesn’t take more than a copy & paste effort.

How can I view results?

You can generate custom reports on 123FormBuilder and view your feedback data in a variety of graphical representations. Also, there a simple table where you can find all of the responses, from where you can export them to CSV, Excel, or PDF. You can also create public reports that you can later share with your employees for transparency. 

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