Add 123FormBuilder Forms to Any Duda Site

Enhance your Duda site with advanced, but easy to build forms!

Get Started

web form for Duda sites

Follow the steps below to publish your 123FormBuilder form on a Duda website or Blog.

  • In your Duda website Editor, select the page and drag & drop an HTML Widget where you want to put the form. Once you drop it, the HTML Edit window will appear and there you need to paste the 123FormBuilder embed code. OR (for blog)In your Duda Blog → Manage posts → Edit post add a new element and choose Add HTML and paste the 123FormBuilder embed code there.
mobile-responsive duda forms
  • To copy the code, you need to be logged into your 123FormBuilder account, go to the Publish section of your form, select Embed code tab and depending on how you want to display the form, choose from the dropdown:
  • The Javascript embed option and click Copy code.
    This is how your form will look with this option:
  • Lightbox triggered by a text or image → select the Option: Lightbox – Text link or Lightbox – Image link, click Customize to change the text or image and then click Copy code.
    Check out how these options look on the website:

Text Lightbox

Image Lightbox

  • Auto-popup after x number of seconds → select the Option Lightbox auto popup, click Customize to set the number of seconds and then copy code.
    Check out how it works:

About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is an intuitive form building platform that helps users create efficient workflows, collect data and achieve success. 123FormBuilder exists to empower customers to collect, manage and communicate their data and is all about creating efficiency, enabling growth and achieving results by being customer-centric, adaptable, efficient and fun.

About Duda

Duda is a platform that allows users to easily build and host a rich, mobile-friendly, full-featured website, complete with commerce and blog. It is designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for both first-timers (drag and drop elements) and professionals (full access to the site’s code) who build websites for a living.