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Tuesday Template: Online Feedback Forms to Know Your Audience


by 123FormBuilder

We learn that in every business what we think of ourselves often differs from the way we are perceived. And during this process of understanding how others see us, we need to make use of the classic feedback form. From event management to product delivery, at every step we would like to gather customer insight.
Knowing your audience is a rule that is wise to follow. In the nonprofit area this will translate in higher donations, more volunteers and better campaigns. Every charity event, donation, volunteer recruitment, all can provide a good opportunity to harvest information about your community.

With the shift to the cloud, many businesses and organizations decided to streamline their feedback processes by using web tools. Thus, they discovered that it’s more convenient to use online feedback forms. They have a higher reach and can be more user friendly, you can see how our online feedback form template looks like and decide how you are going to create yours.

Online feedback form

How can you build a good feedback form for your nonprofit with 123FormBuilder?

Our form builder gives you all the assets to create a good feedback form. Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your experience and collect more data:

  • Branding elements. Your logo, organization name, slogan, fonts and all other visual elements can be brand aligned. In this way your image will be correlated with the form and it will be easier for the respondent to understand for whom she is giving feedback.
  • Branching options. You can apply rules to fields so the form will look shorter, more appealing and show only the relevant questions for the respondent. For example if on the questions “Did you like our event?” someone checks “No”, only then they will see the question “Tell us 5 reasons why it did not suit your expectations:”

Form Rules

  • Rating stars and Likert Scale.  This two kinds of fields are most valuable when creating a feedback form. They are favorable for requesting a review and offer an easy way for your respondents to assess the topics you opened.
  • Customized Thank You page. After the submission of the filled form, you can determine what actions will follow. You can create a page with a nice custom message or redirect your respondent to another website.

  • 3rd party apps integrations . To make sure you harvest the collected data, you can import contact information to email marketing systems, CRMs and synchronize them to your future campaigns.

To streamline the process of collecting data, you can use our form builder to create your event registration, volunteer recruitment form or other registrations so you will have a database with contact information. This will facilitate you to better harvest feedback.
At the end, here is how your form could look like, depending on the reasons why you request feedback, you can adapt the online feedback form to be tailored to your own requirements.

Feedback Form for events

Tell us what other feature would you like in your feedback form in the comments section below. Don’t forget to send us your templates on Twitter using the hashtag #TuesdayTemplate.

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