Feedback Forms to Harvest Teacher Appreciation Signs


by 123FormBuilder

As most of you already know, May 7th was US National Teacher Day, an occasion to celebrate and honor the contribution that teachers bring to our lives. Moreover, this entire week, in schools all over US, pupils and parents made an effort to show their appreciation through gift cards, flowers, poems and home-baked goodies. The positive impact of this initiative in schools can be enhanced by continuous feedback on the teaching and learning process.

We believe in the power of good schooling and we know that educators need reliable feedback to caliber their teaching methods by seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Student feedback is more than just a means of self-assessment; it’s a great appreciation technique that can be applied any day, all over the world.

Why should you ask for feedback?

Evaluation should be a two-way communication process. Everybody knows that, but how many have thought about giving students the chance to speak out their mind? As a teacher, you grade students’ performance almost each day, but from time to time it’s a good idea to switch roles and see how students assess your teaching methods. This will help you improve the quality of your lessons and will give you the opportunity to adapt to their specific needs.

Appraisal forms  can be fun and instructive as long as you keep an open mind and know how to process the information you obtain. Finding the suitable way to receive feedback can determine the outcome. So what tools will you use?

Gathering feedback through forms

A feedback form is the easiest and most efficient way to gather information about your students and your teaching methods. 123FormBuilder can help you to create such forms in just a few clicks. When using our service, keep in mind that you can benefit from the following features:

  • anonymity – in a face to face conversation students may not have the courage to tell what they truly think. Forms, on the other hand, can conceal students’ identity, which often increases the quality of the information provided. 123FormBuilder allows you to create customized fields, adding terms and conditions to ensure the anonymity of the submitter.

  • broad access – share the form on various platforms, social media channels or create an email form to be linked to your account and receive notifications in your inbox.

  • easy management – when using 123FormBuilder for education forms you have real-time editor and live updates directly in your dashboard. You can see the results in table view and compare them with ease. In case you will repeat the research, it’s simple to see what stats have changed.

  • cost effective – with our free online survey tool  you can create feedback quizzes of any complexity and store all the data in the cloud. This is a paperless solution that can save you a lot of resources in comparison with traditional research methods.

  • timesaving – send forms to be filled at home or allot a few minutes when you work with your students at computer. You can place a feedback button on your page if you have a blog or a website that you and your students use. This way, both students and parents can send submissions at any time.

Optimize your methods and exceed all expectations, always be in a frame of mind to change and be open to new approaches. Knowing your students and how they want to learn can improve the quality of your lessons and even their grades. Student feedback forms are a great and powerful tool for any educator to learn all the details they need to reach the best results.

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