Accept Credit Card Payments Directly On Your Order Form – PayPal Pro Integration

Easy e-commerce order forms with PayPal Pro

Provide smoother and more professional e-commerce solutions with 123FormBuilder and PayPal Pro

123FormBuilder integration with PayPal Payments Pro is finally available! We’ve been working on making e-commerce order forms more user friendly, and with the new PayPal Pro integration we’ve got it all figured out: beauty and brainy in same place. In essence, the most important functionality enhanced by this integrations is allowing customers to pay upfront your online order form – without redirecting them to PayPal website during the payment transaction.

We can call it “Beauty and the beast of e-commerce integration” – sorry PayPal but you will play the beast role in this context. Actually I am not implying PayPal is ugly (it’s quite the contrary) but the super-mega PayPal Pro functionality has a beast power!

What to expect from this integration?

1) Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Order Form (without redirection)

See it as a payment method that doesn’t redirect your customers away from your order form to perform the transaction, making the whole process much smoother and more user friendly. Customers are able to pay by credit card without having a PayPal account.

2) Collect payments anywhere

With PayPal Payments Pro and our responsive web forms you are able to accept credit card payments from almost all web and mobile devices. It’s a handy solution for managing your ticketing events; selling goods online, or for accepting donations.

3) Setup your own fraud protection or use PayPal’s fraud protection

PayPal Pro comes with an extra set of Fraud Management Filters which can be configured in your PayPal Pro account.

4) Enable recurring payments

With 123FormBuilder and PayPal Payments Pro you can support recurring payments to manage payments on a fixed schedule. All you need to do is enable your preferred recurrence in the Merchant Setup section under Settings, and a recurring payment will be initiated.

Differences between PayPal & PayPal Pro integration

Trying to make this more understandable for you,  I have structured the differences in the table below.

PayPal Standard PayPal Pro
Takes the customer to PayPal’s site after they shop on your page in order to make payment Your customers shop and pay on your page (without being redirected to PayPal site)
Supports recurring payments Supports recurring payments
Keep payments safe through PayPal security filters Keep payments safe through Paypal security filters and an extra set of security filters
Accept payments only if buyer have a PayPal account Accept credit card payments without requiring the buyer to have a PayPal account


How this will affect your current payment solution?

It doesn’t! You have complete freedom to choose the payment processor you want to integrate with your order form.

How to put PayPal Payments Pro and 123FormBuilder work for your ecommerce?

Please check our step by step guide from here:

We hope you enjoy this solution and if you have a questions please drop it in the comment box below.


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  1. Molly says:

    PayPal Payments Pro means Direct Payment and is known as Website Payments Pro and basically is followed in Canada and UK, and as you have written, paypal is different from paypal pro integration. You can accept credit or debit cards and PayPal payments directly on your website by using 2 API-based solutions:
    Direct Payment and Express Checkout(You must integrate with both Direct Payment and Express Checkout to use PayPal Payments Pro)known as Website Payments Pro.

  2. Kri Sims says:

    you all are awesome, you have made my process so much easier. I have used other forms, but will be testing this out soon.

  3. Joshua Cherwinski says:

    This is great, you guys are awesome, I will be testing this out tomorrow!!!

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