Customize template

The purpose of school climate survey forms is to gauge the morale of an academic institution. Without any coding, you can create a school climate survey for parents and then make another for teachers, etc. Modify the questions with the drag-and-drop editor, set email recipients for notifications, it’s all yours!

Publish template

When you have finished designing your school climate culture survey, you can distribute it almost instantly. Just copy and paste the survey about school climate to a web page, email it, or post to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Furthermore, this frustration-free responsive design is easy to read and answer on phones as well as computers.

Collect & manage data

Certainly, survey responses are stored in a secure database that exports to Excel, CSV, or PDF if you choose. The handy, built-in graphs and charts will show you at a glance if you have positive school climate survey results overall. In addition, school climate survey data seamlessly integrates with apps such as Dropbox, Moodle, and Google Drive.

Optimize processes

With student success at stake, the importance of school climate survey forms cannot be overstated. In short, using an online form like this school climate survey for high school students, you can equip your institution to optimize students’ satisfaction with their curriculum and environment.

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