Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track sales data?

Our ready-made sales tracking form template can help you easily track your sales data. Define your sales metrics and build the form as an online checklist that you can quickly fill in right after a sales call, weekly, monthly, or however it works for your business. Then you can easily check the results, analyze the insights and keep an accurate record of all your data.

Why is it important to track sales data?

Sales data gives you a clear picture of several business aspects such as your sales team performance, the effectiveness of your sales tactics, growth opportunities, areas to improve. But most importantly, you build a data-based decision-making process that will increase your efficiency, and you’ll channel your resources into the right initiatives.

Customize template

Document each week’s calls, appointments, and sales with a digital form that requires no technical knowledge or configuration efforts. Use this sales tracking form template as a starting point. Then feel free to add more fields to paint a bigger picture. Many form options are available in our form editor. For example, the ability to perform calculations for a weekly sales summary. Finally, set up multiple email recipients to regularly update the management team.

Publish template

It’s really easy to provide your sales team with a sales tracking sheet they can complete in real-time after each call. Rest assured our forms are adaptable to every screen shape and size. As for our publishing methods, they are all effortless. For instance, copy and paste the form code to embed it on a web page – such as an intranet. On the other hand, you might prefer an even easier way, that is sharing the form link to an email list or within a text message.

Collect & manage data

With 123FormBuilder, gathering and storing sales performance data throughout the year is really easy to do. Certainly, every form entry lands in a secure data repository. Access it from our dashboard or export everything on your computer. In the same way, you can choose to connect sales tracking data with other web apps, such as a CRM.

Optimize processes

Go paperless and get more out of digital forms starting today! Creating your 123FormBuilder account is just a few clicks away. Besides, it’s free! Choose any template you need, customize it, and share it with your team – all without headaches. And you will get instant alerts each time form submissions arrive.

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