Customize template

Help people make the most of their bright ideas with a provisional patent application form template. Start with the names of the parties involved, patent number(s) and information about whether the patent is being assigned, merged, changed or otherwise. Then, customize the patent application form to fit your needs with single- and multiple-choice fields, dropdown menus and even image uploads to show more details about your idea. Use a standard form design for your patent application form or customize it with your own colors and even CSS code.

Publish template

Publish a patent application form as a link that you can send by email or social media. Or embed the form on your website. Even better, connect with platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla to publish your provisional patent application form alongside the other information you manage. All of our forms are responsive, and a mobile-friendly patent application form is easy to fill out on the go from any device.

Collect & manage data

Patent application form data is sensitive. So we securely protect it for you in your 123FormBuilder dashboard. Export data as CSV, Excel or PDF files, or connect with other systems you use for patent data tracking. Indeed we integrate and more than 30 other apps. When it’s easy to get patent data where it needs to go, you can process it more efficiently.

Optimize processes

Optimize your provisional patent application data collection workflow with digital forms and easy connections to the other apps you use. When you have the right structure in place, your workflow will be much more efficient and you’ll be sure you are working with accurate data. You can also set up email and SMS alerts to find out as soon as a new application comes in, so you don’t waste time or miss any opportunities to help people with their patents.

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