Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RSVP form?

RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” which means “Please respond” in English. An Online RSVP Form is a confirmation letter that a guest receives before a special event such as a party, wedding, or conference. The guest fills in the RSVP to confirm his or her presence at the event. In some cases, the RSVP requests additional information from the guest, such as preferred meals or beverages.

How can I create an RSVP?

You can use 123FormBuilder to build an online RSVP that you can send to your guest via email or social media. No coding skills are needed! Just import our RSVP form template into your 123FormBuilder account and edit it by using our form editor. You can create one for free if you don’t have a 123FormBuilder account.

How can I edit this RSVP form template?

Use our form builder to edit this template in any way you need. Personalize the layout, give it your colors, add your logo, insert photos, change fields or their position in the form, write in your invitation text, and more. You can even integrate the RSVP form with any of your favorite tools

How do I create an online wedding RSVP?

You can customize our premade template form for online RSVP. Our drag-and-drop tool is ideal for any layout modifications. No coding skills are needed! Then, you can personalize your text and share it with everyone. Now, you can start collecting the responses.

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