Keep it short and sweet with the online petition form, so people can quickly join your cause and you can smoothly keep track of the signatures. Type in the story to create awareness, add an image that expresses emotion, and collect submissions in no time.

Share the petition across social media and embed it on online platforms that can help you bring more signatures. If you have a newsletter, don’t hesitate to include it in your communication there as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a petition form?

Take the petition form template and update it with information about your organization or the cause you’re fighting for. Include a short description of the cause, data that supports it, the purpose of the petition, what you’re trying to achieve, request for action, how will the signatures help. Then include a couple of fields that cover the endorser’s contact details such as name and email. You can also add an extra field for additional comments. And of course, ask for their digital signature.

While jurisdictions accept online petitions, others are still debating it. Nevertheless, online petitions are a great outlet to raise awareness on various issues and pressure the government and other organizations to take action. They’re usually used in court as a support material and can influence change if they’re used as a purposeful instrument.

Customize template

Get more signatures for your cause with an online form! You do not need any coding skills to adapt the form’s design and content. Just drag and drop to add your own images, colors and even include other data points such as zip/postal code. For your protection, you may also choose to include a reCaptcha to help control spam. Finally, set up autoresponders to thank your supporters and notifications to the organizers.

Publish template

A major advantage of an online petition form is that it can be accessed by anyone, just about anywhere. To publish it on a website, simply copy and paste the embed link. You’ll also want to share the form by email and post to many social media sites—you can do this directly from the form editor. To further encourage signatures, the form features a mobile responsive design which lends itself beautifully to smartphones and tablets.

Collect & manage data

Your online petition form comes with its own secure database for managing signatures. Simply log in to your account to review the entries. There you can also generate analytics and download all signatures to Excel, CSV or PDF. Another option is to integrate your form with services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp so that your supporters stay informed about your cause.

Optimize processes

No matter how your share your petition—in person or over the internet—an online petition form – created with our form builder – can help you attract more supporters in less time. If there is a local, face-to-face component to your campaign, try traveling with your petition form in a tablet. Additionally, be sure to set up an autoresponder that encourages signers to forward the petition. This online form is a lot easier to share than paper form. You’ll be amazed how quickly the support can grow!

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