Customize template

Feel free to adapt this mileage log sample in any way you want to match your company goals. Edit it without calling a developer, you can customize practically anything. All you need to do is drag and drop form elements from the sidebar. Adjust the design if you want or even change the theme. Use form rules, upload fields and configure multiple email recipients. And more.

Publish template

As soon as your mileage tracker form is ready, share it with your employees so they can access it even from their tablets or smartphones. No extra work necessary, our forms are already responsive and look great on any device. Publish the form code on an internal network or share it in an email or via a messaging app. No need for other efforts than a copy and paste!

Collect & manage data

This tracker worksheet form will easily keep track of your business mileage and purpose. Every form entry is safely stored in a tidy database. Here you can update the records, generate visual graphs to analyze mileage tracking over time, or export and print the data. Besides, with more than 30 third-party applications available, you’ll be able to speed up data management even more.

Optimize processes

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it’s important to keep effective mileage records for determining the deduction on your tax return. Digitized forms will greatly speed up the data collection process. For instance, you will get immediate alerts whenever mileage information is logged in the form. So don’t overcomplicate your drivers with paper forms that get folded and forgotten in the vehicles.

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