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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a media release form?

A media release form or a media consent form is a document that authorizes a media company or professional to produce, reproduce, or reuse any media of an individual, be it visual or sound. Photographers, filmmakers, video producers, and creative agencies regularly work with media release forms.

How do I create a media release form?

Start with this media release form template from 123FormBuilder and personalize it with your logo and the colors of your choice. Need to adjust the information you’re collecting? Then simply drag and drop any other fields you need like textboxes, email, e-signatures, and headings. Make sure you collect the following information: name, address, e-mail, phone number and signature, for both parties waiving or receiving rights.

Why should I use an online media release form?

Paper forms are a burden you don’t need. 123FormBuilder gets you closer to the dream of a paperless office and helps keep all your records in one place. Each time someone completes your online consent form—whether a music release form or photography release form, your team will be notified by email or SMS instantly. Every web form made by 123FormBuilder is mobile responsive. That’s crucial if you’re planning to have event attendees complete the filming consent form on a tablet as they enter! Or maybe you’re distributing a video production release form in advance by email or on social media. Copy, paste, publish, perform!

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