Customize template

]Gather information from the soon-to-be-married couple using this marriage registration form. Drag and drop more fields on the form or remove the unnecessary ones. In fact, you can adjust and customize everything you want on the form. Add a logo and change the layout from our theme repository. Once hitting the Settings tab, you can also configure autoresponders and multiple email recipients so that you and your team can work more efficiently. And what’s more, you can do all of this without a developer’s help.

Publish template

We offer plenty of methods for you to share your marriage registration form online so that applicants can find it easily. For example, you surely want it on a web page that anyone can access. To this end, you need only to copy and paste the form URL and embed it in the website code. Or share the form via any platform you want, the same rule applies. It goes without saying that the form is adaptable to any device so that the bride and groom to be can fill it on the go.

Collect & manage data

Manage marriage registration data with no hassle at all with the digital system we provide. Every entry goes straight into a secure database. Here, you can manage your data online or download it to your computer as PDF, Excel or CSV. Besides, if necessary, you can connect with many other applications – just go and see our third party app directory.

Optimize processes

Reduce the paper mess where marriage applications are concerned and give web forms a chance. While reducing the amount of time spent sorting through mountains of paper, it also addresses the issue of manual data entry. In fact, building online forms and automating responses will allow key personnel to receive instant email alerts whenever a form is submitted.

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