Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a Fundraiser Order Form?

Opt for an online version of it by using this fundraiser order form template by 123FormBuilder. Selling shirts, bags, and more is a great way to raise money for your cause. This fundraising order form template is sure to help facilitate your efforts. You can make any modification using an easy drag-and-drop editor. For instance, available field formats include prices, images, dropdowns, signatures, antispam Captcha, and more. New to 123FormBuilder? No problem! You can create an account for free and import this template right away. Learn more about our online order forms and how they can help with your fundraising efforts.

How can I publish this form template?

It’s a snap to distribute your form just about anywhere online. To add to your website, you need only copy and paste a few lines provided in the embed menu. In addition, you can share a direct link either by email or on social media. Naturally, the fundraiser order form is easy to use across your supporter base thanks to a responsive design that adapts to the screen size of the user’s device.

Can I keep track of my orders?

Purchases placed on your fundraiser order form are stored in a secure database which you can access anytime in your 123FormBuilder account. You can compare the popularity of items with the built-in analytics tools as well as export sales records to Excel, CSV, and PDF. Furthermore, a wide variety of productivity, marketing, and payment tools can integrate directly with your charity order form, making it a truly powerful fundraising tool.

What do you include in a fundraiser order form?

These are a couple of things that you should include in your fundraiser order form:
– A short and appealing description of your charity and the product you’re selling.
– Contact information of the donors.
– If you have multiple products to sell, list them and give multiple choices.
– The sum people are donating and the currency.
Integrate with a payment gateway, which is possible with 123FormBuilder, and give your donors the possibility to make the payment right away.

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