Customize template

Need a foster care application form template? Check out this free working prototype, which you can modify to match your agency’s needs. Arrange text fields, Likert scales, file uploads, checkboxes—all with validation available—to make the form you need. Next, set up an autoresponder to the applicant as well as notifications to one or multiple recipients who will review the application. Attention creative types: you’re free to edit the theme too!

Publish template

It’s fast and easy to make this foster care application form available to potential foster parents I in your area. To add it to your website, just copy and paste the embed tags provided in 123FormBuilder. If you’d also like to circulate the form via email and social media, you’ll find Share buttons that take care of this in a few clicks! The form is mobile-responsive, so it’s easy to use regardless of what size device the applicant uses.

Collect & manage data

Instant notification is only one of the advantages of web-based forms. Your foster care application form is also a data management system. Its dedicated database—accessible from your 123FormBuilder account—lets you manage all incoming requests in one place. Sign in and view individual applications or download them as Excel, CSV or PDF files. To further streamline your process, sync your foster parent application with services like Dropbox, Constant Contact and Evernote

Optimize processes

There isn’t a child services agency out there who couldn’t benefit from a tool to automate rote office processes. By moving away from paper forms, you’ll vastly reduce your data entry burdens, diverting more time back into your mission of matching homes with children in need. Furthermore, the validation features in online forms help ensure that all submitted forms are completed, reducing your need to follow up with applicants for missing information.

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