Customize template

Get your proctors ready for the end of the term with this exam registration form template. There’s no need to know how to code in order to modify this form. Simply drag and drop fields as needed—use text fields, validated email fields, dates and times, signatures and many more. Add a captcha to make sure the registrations are for real!

Publish template

If only test taking were as easy as distributing this exam registration form. Just grab the embed code, copy it, then paste it into a webpage. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating! Alternatively, copy the form’s own URL and pass around the link, for example by email or in a group chat. Students can easily register via smartphone thanks to mobile-optimized form design.

Collect & manage data

As students complete the exam registration form, their enrollment is logged in a secure database. Simply log in to our form builder platform to access the information, which you can export to Excel, CSV or PDF. Better still, have data fed automatically into apps such as Dropbox, Moodle, and Google Sheets by integrating these services with your form.

Optimize processes

Master the logistics of exam time by digitizing your exam registration form. Consolidating all registration data in one system is just one of the many advantages. Another standout is the ability to set up custom notifications, which means you can notify instructors and proctors in real time as students register for the exam. Reserve just the right number of rooms, call upon the right number of staff and do it all stress-free with an online form

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