Customize template

Make sure your employees love their job. Find out how is your team’s morale by regularly using this employee satisfaction questionnaire. It comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder that doesn’t require any technical skills. Have it tailored for your company by adding branding features and picking the color theme you like the best.

Publish template

Share your newly created satisfaction survey on the internal company web, via email, or social media. Set up sub-users to the survey, so that the data reaches all the right departments. Our online surveys are mobile-responsive, so your team can fill them on the go or while on a coffee break.

Collect & manage data

Get notified instantly whenever the form is submitted and easily set up custom autoresponders. But gathering answers is only the beginning. Our reporting features allow you to filter valuable and actionable insight that will improve workplace productivity and engagement in the long run. Easily export insights to CSV, PDF or Excel or integrate via Google Drive, Dropbox or other platforms you like.

Optimize processes

We ensure your surveys are easy for your team to take and for you to manage, even via mobile devices. Get your employee satisfaction questionnaires packed with advanced branching, conditional logic, and more. Speed up the data gathering process with our friendly form-building platform, data security protection, and efficient customer support.

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