Frequently Asked Questions

What is an onboarding form? 

An onboarding form is a document that HR sends to new hires to fill in before starting their first day on the job. It usually requests personal information as well as equipment preferences, depending on the company and job position.

What’s the benefit of an onboarding form?

This type of form helps ensure a good onboarding experience for the new employee. An onboarding process should include the employee’s background information and an orientation guide of the organization. Goodies such as branded mugs or notebooks make the new employee grow fond of the company.

How do I create an onboarding form?

To create an onboarding form, look for an online solution. Online onboarding forms are easy to fill in, and you can automate the process in the HR department without doing so much paperwork. Here’s an onboarding form template that you can use online with your new employees. Just sign up to 123FormBuilder and customize the form template as you see fit. You can collect all the employee information you need, set up who receives the data by email, and even send documents automatically to the employee. And to automate the workflow further, you can connect this onboarding form template to any of your favorite tools

What makes a good onboarding form?

Start by creating a good-looking onboarding form that employees can fill in online without disruptions. Use a friendly-tone in the welcoming introduction and don’t ask for too much personal information unless you need it for the employee’s paperwork. If the form has more than ten questions, divide the form’s content into multiple pages. Attach an orientation guide to the auto-reply message, and use a friendly confirmation message. All of this can be achieved with 123FormBuilder, once you sign up and open the onboarding template in the form editor.

How can I share this Employee Onboarding Form template?

Once you finish customizing the form, you can share it by email with your new hires or publish it on the company’s internal network, in an online group, or on a web page. With 123FormBuilder, you can share your onboarding form on any online platform. Ready to get started?

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