Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email sign up form?

An email sign up form can be used by website owners and marketers when they want to collect information from potential leads, to send them further marketing materials (such as a newsletter, for example).

How do I create an email signup form?

Just grab this email signup form template and customize it to fit your specific needs, company, and purpose. No coding is needed!

Customize template

We just know you’ll find this pre-designed email sign up form sample more than useful. Without worrying about technical knowledge, you can rapidly personalize it to suit your business. For example, drag and drop more form elements, remove the unnecessary ones, add an upload field, your logo and branding elements. Then choose a nice layout from our theme gallery. Finally, configure autoresponders or a thank you page to redirect respondents to after form completion.

Publish template

When your email sign-up form is ready to go, we provide you with many sharing options. And naturally, they require no other effort than copy-paste. For example, choose from 4 ways to embed the form code in a web page. Alternatively, send the form link by email or post it on social channels – it’s equally easy to do! And don’t worry: with the mobile layout included, the email sign-up form looks pretty on any type of device.

Collect & manage data

Every email registration you collect gets to live in a secure data repository attached to the form. Access it anytime from our platform or export all the data on your device, in Excel, CSV or PDF format. To achieve even more, sync your email sign up data with CRM apps like Salesforce, Zoho or Wix Contacts.

Optimize processes

Grab a valuable addition to your lead generation efforts with this email sign up form. Adjust it to match your business and share it with customers worldwide – all without the need for code. And besides, with the ability to receive real-time notifications, you’ll know right away when someone clicks the Submit button.

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