Customize template

If your University offers equal learning opportunities for students with disabilities, you can easily create your disability verification form to send to the supervising physician. Simply use this pre-designed request form template and customize it to include your needed data. You can gather information on the severity of the disability and the activities affected, along with information about the professional who has diagnosed the disability.

Publish template

It’s easy to share a disability verification request form using 123FormBuilder. Simply copy and paste the generated form URL to embed it in your University’s website or another online channel. Or share your form by email or social media groups, if appropriate, to ensure you accommodate people with disabilities. While filling in a form is never pleasant, we provide only mobile-friendly web forms. Therefore physicians can interact with them even from tablets or smartphones.

Collect & manage data

Data collection and management can be hard. But with 123FormBuilder, it’s easy. Most important, data is securely stored in an organized repository. Along with customizing and publishing your form to verify a disability, you can decide where you want the form submissions. To explain, you can check on and manage your disability verification form submissions, including activity limitations and physician verifications, using your 123FormBuilder dashboard. Or you can download the submissions to your computer.

Optimize processes

Effectively document learner disability and functional limitations in order to provide the best educational environment. And the healthcare professionals assigned will be able to fill the form in no time. So give up paper forms and automate the collection of data about disabilities and how they affect your students. Then send it instantly to wherever it needs to go. As a result, you’ll save time, improve data accuracy and easily manage all the information you need to accommodate people with disabilities.

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