Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a data collection form?

Take a look at our 123FormBuilder data collection form template to get a glimpse into a potential structure and what questions it could include. Use it as a starting point and customize it to make it look and sound like you or your organization.
But before you roll your sleeves, define your form’s purpose. What are you trying to achieve and reveal at the end of the data collection purpose?
Write relevant, clear questions that get you closer to finding the exact data you’re searching for. For a balanced approach, have a mix of both closed and open questions.
After editing the form, share it with your audience or team.

What makes a good data collection form?

A good data collection form gives your respondents a great experience and helps you gather and store the information efficiently, with little manual work. So what is it about a data collection form that makes it a wonderful tool?
It’s digital. Replace paper forms with online forms that you can share across multiple channels and increase the response rate.
It has clear questions. Include a short description or an example next to each question to avoid confusion and increase the likelihood of a relevant answer.
It’s well structured. If you have multiple topics or categories of questions, separate them into sections and make it clear to the reader the subject of that particular segment
It uses conditional logic. Keep the data collection form relevant to your respondent by showing only the questions that make sense to their situation and hiding the unnecessary ones.

Customize template

We developed an easy to use wildlife observation form to serve students or other wildlife watching enthusiasts. It contains contact information as well as fields to describe each experience. Of course, you can add more form elements using our drag and drop feature. For example, a file upload field. And certainly pick a colorful theme as the final touch.

Publish template

Share your customized data collection form with your students or your team in any way you please. If you own a website, embed the form code with just a copy and paste. Or share it to an email list. Clicking the social buttons in the Publish section will post your wildlife observation form on any page or group you joined. Besides, anyone can send their observations while still fresh, thanks to the form’s responsive layout.

Collect & manage data

The details of each observation automatically go in a secure database accessible from your 123FormBuilder dashboard. With just a few clicks, you can edit the entries here or download them on your desktop. Namely as an Excel, CSV or PDF file. Another great thing to do with web forms is connect data with third-party web apps, thanks to our multiple integration options.

Optimize processes

Send youngsters towards a better understanding of wildlife with the help of a friendly online form. Stay on top of observation collection with instant email notifications each time someone fills in the form. So start importing tech tools in the educational processes using digital data collection forms.

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