Customize template

This pre-designed request form is an easy way to register affiliates and gather contact information. Add as many fields as you need, rearrange the existing ones or remove the surplus. Furthermore, with conditional logic features, you can build a smarter web form. Once the form structure matches your intentions, check out our theme gallery to give it a nicer look & feel. Then custom a thank you page or an autoresponder message. Everything is intuitive in our platform, no need for coding skills.

Publish template

When your association registration form is all set, share it with the world in any way you want. For example, choose one of the embed styles we offer. Or rather include the form link in an email. In spite of how that sounds, no other effort than a copy-paste is required. Plus, clicking the social buttons will post your registration form on the social platform of your choice. Don’t worry about how applicants will join your affiliate network. With mobile layouts included, our forms look pretty on every type of device.

Collect & manage data

Affiliate registrations gathered through this web form live in a secure data repository that you can access anytime. Manage it from your own private dashboard. Also, you can download the data table as a CSV, Excel, or PDF. And for an even smarter registration process, connect with third-party applications – we provide 30+ integrations.

Optimize processes

Access a valuable addition to your workflow with this affiliate registration request form. Adjust it with easy drag and drop moves and share it on the web within minutes, without calling a developer. Plus, with the ability to notify instantly multiple team members whenever requests come in, you will always be on top of your game. So why not switching from paper to digital forms right now?

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