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How to set up rules that affect multiple fields?

With 123FormBuilder, form branching and conditional logic is very easy to set up. Each field rule can have multiple conditions and multiple results. By setting up a single rule that affects multiple fields instead of repeating that rule for each affected field, you save a lot of time.

To add multiple results to a field rule, go to the SettingsRules section and click on Add Rule.

The first half of the rule represents the condition. The second half of the rule represents the result.

Check the fields that you want or use the option Check all to select all fields. Click Finished and you’re done.
Field Rules with Multiple Results

The same fields can not be used in two separate rules after THEN. This will cause a rule conflict.


  1. I wonder if I can set up a condition where if a person enters a number greater than 1, the number entered (-1) determines the number of first and last names that are shown. Ex – if there are 3 people in my party, I want 2 first/last name fields appear to enter the other two people.

    1. Hello Terri!

      Yes, you can show more name fields based on the input given for the number of guests. Let’s say you have fields Name1, Name2, Name3 and Name4 (on the assumption that maximum four persons can be registered per submission). The condition would be that if the Number field (No. of guests) is 1, you’ll show Name1. For 2 you’ll show Name1, Name2 and so on.

      Our Support Team would more than gladly help you achieve this. Whenever you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our suppport specialists at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


  2. Still setting up prior to placing on open webpage, but I don’t know where / how to nominate or change points or correct answers for each question. Help please?

  3. This rule isn’t working for me on one of my fields. I need to default hide five fields until a previous question/answer triggers them to appear.

    1. Hello Rebecca!

      Depending on the way you have set your rules, some fields will appear or be hidden. If you use the action “show”, fields that have been added in your rule will be hidden until the condition has been met on your web form. You do not need to set those fields as hidden in your Form Editor. If you do, the rule will not work.

      For questions or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


  4. Hello,

    I need to make a single contact form that can be used to contact multiple departments. So that means when a department is selected the form fields may be different and may need a secondary condition to display additional fields. The recipient will need to be different for each department selected. Is this possible and if so do you have an example I can use for reference?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello!

      You can add multiple recipients to your form in the SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options section. Follow our documentation here for more information. Also, if you want to change the behavior of the form based on the options selected by your form users, use field rules. Have a look at our documentation on how to use field rules, such as hide or show certain fields when a condition is met.

      Here’s an example on how field rules work.

      For more questions or need of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


  5. Hi,
    Question of FIELD rules….

    At the moment I can write a rule like this:

    IF xx AND yy THEN

    In other words – one or more conditions lead to a SINGLE action.

    But I can’t seem to write a rule like this:

    IF xx THEN
    something else

    In other words, a condition leading to MULTIPLE actions.
    I need this in the situation where if a single radio button is selected then a whole lot of other fields must be hidden.

    How can this be done??

    1. Hello!

      If you are referring to multiple actions as in showing/hiding more than one field at once, you can do this by selecting the last dropdown list and tick all the form fields you want to show/hide from there. To hide form fields, enter the condition and select hide from the dropdown list, next to Then. Has this been helpful?

      For more questions or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com or here.


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