Security Acknowledgements

We encourage people who find security issues on our platform to immediately report them to our Customer Care Team. 123FormBuilder has more than 1,900,000 users and any security disclosure is more than appreciated to ensure their safety, as long as we’re the only people notified about the issue.

When submitting a disclosure, our Support Team will forward the issue to the Development Team and send you a notification after the problem has been solved. With your approval, we’ll publish your name here, on our Acknowledgements page, as a sign of appreciation for the work you’ve done for us.

To be part of the list, you’ll have to be the first person to disclose the security issue and wait for one of our support specialists to contact you by email for further procedures, after the issue has been fixed. We require your patience until we resolve the issue and contact you back.

We’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations for helping us address security vulnerabilities: