123FormBuilder Integrates
with NationBuilder

Build free online forms & surveys for your NationBuilder community
as easy as 1-2-3 using our 123FormBuilder app. No coding required!

Engage your community with online forms & surveys using our new app for NationBuilder - 123FormBuilder. Community managers using the app can collect leads and order information, create online petitions & targeted surveys and get real-time casting and voting results. Everything without having any technical knowledge.
The 123FormBuilder's app for Nationbuilder

Build your community forms & surveys in a jiffy

The 123FormBuilder is a flexible and advanced tool for easy and fast creation of online forms & surveys. Its WYSIWYG online form editor helps you create contact forms, surveys, event registration forms and order forms without any programming experience as easy as 1-2-3.

Key benefits:
✔ Drag-and-drop editor;
✔ Easy creation of any type of online forms and surveys;
✔ Mobile-optimized forms;
✔ Real-time reports;
✔ Quick form embedding;
✔ Custom form design;
✔ 3rd party apps integration;
✔ Useful to capture order information and leads.

123FormBuilder with NationBuilder

Your 123FormBuilder account works seamlessly with your NationBuilder account. You can install the app from the NationBuilder Apps directory.

Managers can create and post online forms & surveys and they can automatically sync received data directly into the NationBuilder account. You can assign custom tags to your form fields for easier data structuring. For example, you can designate people as prospects, specify roles, add demographics, age ranges etc. Imported data can be accessed within People section at the click of a button. Plus, managers are able to view real-time reports, among other advanced capabilities.

The 123FormBuilder app with NationBuilder is perfect for community managers allowing:
✔ Better member engagement;
✔ Easy lead collection;
✔ Donations receival;
✔ Product sales and promotions accross community network;
✔ Successful advancement of community goals.
Nationbuilder form & survey maker